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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What fate awaits Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple? The redux. - Suresh

Thank you so much for showcasing this issue.

To be frank, its quite unfortunate to see the order from High Court Of Kerala.

Its gonna be a great loss for us, as this is going to be under the control of a government. The order strictly mentioned to allow Royal Family Members to perform their daily prayers/during arattu like customs. (Thank god atleast they allowed that, if not, there will be a good debate who will carry the udavaal during arattu!)
After all what our government will do? They already expressed their decision infront of the court. If they took care also, don't know how they gonna manage. Slowly the customs will change, like what done on Guruvayoor. Churidar Entry, with Pants... Fate... No other words I can use.

It pains me a lot naturally as I born and brought up in this environment. Cannot even miss a single arat in my life time for any reason. But now lets see......

I criticize the temple authorities who actually paved the way for the growth of these weeds.
Most saddest part is the response from several political parties. They took this as an oppurtunity to showcase themself. Seriously I don't even knew there are this much parties around us. Anything taken for granted...!

I don't know how the court came to this conclusion. The treaty made between Union of India and Then Maharaja HH Balarama Varma, clearly mentions the possession. Since we are in India, there will be a new law to suppress existing one.

One good part as you said is Royal Families Silence, that we should learn from them. They respect Indian Law & Constitution.( Inturn that quality may be inborn)

I came to know royal family is moving to Supreme court regarding this. Lets hope for the best... !

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